Solid waste

Law:Hazardous waste disposal.

Internal control indicators:Hazardous waste disposal rage 100%.

Improvement measure:Strengthen overal utilization of resource.

Water waste


Internal control indicators:No let out

Improvement measure:Do water sycle project,reduce new water using.

Comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel


Internal control indicators:555

Improvement measure:Reduce energy consumption

Radioactive element inspection

Law:Radioactive element inspection.

Internal control indicators:≤0.04Bq/c㎡

Improvement measure:Hanging radioactive signs.

Flue gas


Internal control indicators:Steel making dust concentration≤15mg/m³,sintering≤45mg/m³

Improvement measure:Professional control of dust removing plant



Improvement measure:Strengthen process management

Mass loss rate


Internal control indicators:No more than 1.8/10000

                                   Improvement measure:Install online detector.

Safety production

Hidden danger:1.Possibility of equipment aging. 2.Employees lax safety awareness.

Measuring method:Research lastest safety management method

Make energy conservation plan and check.

Occupational health

Hidden danger:Element and noise

Internal control indicators:Collect employees' opinion and ask hospital

<span style="color: rgb(229, 51, 51);" white-space:normal;background-color:#ffffff;"="">Improvement measure:Health lecture, physical examination every year.

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