LSD has two steel plate production lines,3500 mm Steckel mill and 4300 mm mill,which were built up by state-of-the-art technologies in the world.The two mills are equipped with advanced equipment and are designed to produce high- grade,high-quality and high market demand products,including HSLA structural plate,wind power plate,pipeline plate,die plate,bridgeplate,high-rise building plate,boiler and pressure vessel plate,ship plate and offshore platform plate.

Steel-making equipment:Including KR hot metal prtreatment facilities,two 150t BOF converters,two LF ladle refining furnaces,two RH vacuum degassing facilities,one 150x3250mm wide slab caster and one 200-370x2600mm thick slab caster.It has slab production capability of 3 million tons.

3500mm Steckel mill:Including walking beam wide slab reheating furnaces,high pressure water descaler,coiling furnaces,vertical edger,reversing rolling mill,coiler,accelerated cooling system(ACC),hot leveler,disc-type cooling bed,on-line UT inspection device,cold leveler and shot blasting equipment ect.It has annual production capability of 960,000 tons of steel plates and 240,000 tons of steel coils.

4300mm heavy plate mill:Including reheating furnaces for slabs and soaking pits for flat ingots,high pressure water descaler,rough mill,finishing mill,accelerated cooling system(DQ+AC),hot leveler,walking-beam cooling bed,on-line UT inspection device,cold leveler,flatting mill and shot blasting equipment etcl.It has annual production capability of 1,650,000 tons of steel plates.

Heat treatment:Including two continuous normalizing furnaces,one continuous quenching furnace,one continuous tempering furnace and three bogie furnaces,enabling quenching,normalizing and tempering to be conducted.It has annual heat treatment capability of 900,000 tons of steel plates for quenching-and-tempering,normalizing and tempering.
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