Parameter of apparatus

Equipment NameQuantity
CO2 semiautomatic welder4
CO2 automatic welding machine2
argon welder4
arc-submerging welder2
hand arc welding machine5
automatic welding machine1
gantry crane welder1
turning rolls3
vibration relieving stress machine1
cart type bead sanding machine2
solder oven2
welding wire oven2
ferrite tester1
infrared thermometer1

Equipment introduction

Langsda Metal Products Co.,Ltd welding resource owns huge steel sturctural welding capacity, welding method with union melt welding,automatic gas welding,gas protection semi-automatic welding,argon arc welding and shielded metal arc welding, could weld carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,cooper,aluminum,titanium,etc..
Now there are 32 workers in welding plant, with 1 senior engineer,1 engineer, 1 national labor medal owner,12 CCS welding certificate owners, 3 RINA welding certificate owners,4 special equipment welding certificate owners.

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