Products Service System

Upholding the user-centered operation philosophy, Langsda Metal Products Co.,Ltd deepens strategic cooperation with users in an all-round way through carrying out deep-level cooperation in such aspects as new product research  & development, material selection, resource configuration and expansion of cooperation channels.

Prepurchase Service

  • Providing detailed instruction data and standards of Langsda Metal Products Co.,Ltd sheets.

  • Serving users with instructions on correct selection of material.

In-sale service

  • Order tracking

  • Providing detailed user order tracking information to ensure punctual goods delivery.

After-sale service

  • Query for certifica ted quality level

  • Technical supports

  • Claim handing

  • Customer information feedback

  • Providing users with online query for certificated quality level.

  • Providing users with advisories for various problems met during the application of Langsda Metal Products Co.,Ltd's products and site tracking service on product application.

  • Quickly and effectively handling claim on product quality, including site tracking & adjustment tests, provision of emergent substitute proposal against claimed materials to meet users' production demands.

  • Collecting customers' information through various means, sorting and classifying the information, improving products accordingly, feeding back information to users and satisfying users' requirements.

Product Catalog