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Axis (rollingbearing) is the operation of the rolling element bearing and sliding friction into rolling friction between shaft seat, thereby reducing friction loss of a precision mechanical components. Rolling bearings generally consists of inner ring and outer ring, rolling body and keep the frame of four parts, the function of inner ring is match with shaft and shaft rotation; Outer ring is used to match the bearing seat, a support role; Rolling body is with the aid of maintains a uniform distribution of the rolling element between inner ring and outer ring.

SUNTHAI bearings depends largely on the bearing performance and reliability of components of the material. For bearing ring and rolling body, usually want to consider the factors including the hardness of bearing capacity and rolling contact conditions, clean or polluted under the condition of fatigue resistance, dimensional stability and bearing components. For cage, want to consider the factors including friction, resilience, inertia force, in some cases to consider with some lubricant, organic solvents, coolant and refrigerant chemical reaction. The relative importance of these factors can be affected by other operating parameters, such as corrosion, temperature, impact load or a combination of these and other conditions.

In rolling bearing on imported bearing performance and reliability of seals has considerable influence. Their manufacturing material must provide excellent oxidation resistance, heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

In order to meet the needs of various applications, SKF use different material ring, rolling element and cage and seals. And, in cannot reach enough lubrication or must prevent current through bearing applications, SKF bearing can provide coated with special coatings.

Bearing ring and rolling of the steel material

Hardened bearing steel as a whole

The most commonly used whole hardened bearing steel is a kind of carbon chromium steel, in accordance with ISO 683-99, but contains about 1% carbon and chromium % 1 and 5. Today, carbon chromium steel is one of the oldest and most studied steel; Due to constantly improve to prolonging the service life of the bearing requirement. This kind of bearing steel provides the best balance between manufacturing and application performance. This kind of steel is often through martensite or bayesian body heat processing, in this process be hardened to the scope of 58 to 65 HRC.

In the past few years, clean process development to achieve a more strict specification, the density of SKF bearing steel and quality have important breakthrough. Oxygen of non-metallic inclusions and harmful to reduce significantly improve the characteristics of the bearing steel.

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