20th of July ,2021

Along with two steel furnace storage and related equipment removal of Langsda Metal Products Co.,Ltd , there are 1 million tons of steel production capacity reduced in Guangdong province.According to this schedule, as steel  second production capacity in the country ,before the end of this month, Guangdong province will complete the task of year 3.9 million tons of steel production DE-Capacity ahead of time.
There are 49 large-scale steel enterprises in Guangdong province, iron making capacity 104 million tons, steel making capacity 132 million tons, most are private enterprises. Because steel price rising in the first half year, a great influence on the iron and steel industry DE-Capacity.And some steel mills always wait-and-see attitude, because of out of capacity relevant subsidy. Zhao Zhi deputy director of Guangdong province development and reform commission (NDRC) said, the debt problem is also a reason of hard to DE-Capacity. According to statistics, in accordance with the five years out of 17.5 million tons of steel production capacity calculation, involving debt in Guangdong province will be a total of 24 billion yuan, and debt structure is very complex, involving the bank loan, the creditor's rights financing, private lending and employee fund-raising , once mishandling, easily happened a systemic financial risk.
"We can not consider the industry is without hope, only because of excess production capacity."S hen wenrong said, chairman of Shagang Group, Jiangsu largest steel enterprise. Shagang Group has the largest  blast furnace, 5800 m3. Xingcheng special steel is the world's largest single special steel production enterprises. Tiangong International is Asia's largest tool steel production enterprise,5 m lenient plate, 1450 mm hot rolled plate and metallurgical equipment level reached the international advanced level.
At present, Jiangsu Optimal steel ratio is 60%, iangs province will make use of these advantages, promote the iron and steel enterprises mergers and reorganization.It is understood that 《 Jiangsu province iron and steel enterprises transformation development ideas and solutions》 is compiled in.

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