20th of July ,2021

How to cut stainless steel?

Step 1: Prepare the workplace

You need a sturdy sawhorse or a flat surface (such as a workbench).
If you work indoors, make sure that there are no combustibles in the room.
Step 2: Measure your cut
Step 3: Cutting the stainless steel
Use tin scissors to cut stainless steel
If you want to cut a piece of stainless steel, especially thin steel, it is best to use a pair of tin shears. Just like using a pair of scissors, cut the tin on the edge of the paper, and then slowly cut into the mark made with a marking pen. If you want to cut straight, this method is the most effective.

Cut stainless steel with electric shears

The working method of a pair of power shears is the same as that of a pair of tin shears. The only difference is that the power shear has a motor. The tool cuts off a thin strip when cutting.

Use a circular saw to cut stainless steel

The circular saw is an indispensable cutting tool, which can be used to cut thick steel plates and other materials that are too thick for tin shears and electric shears.

Use an angle grinder to cut stainless steel

The angle grinder works in the same way as a circular saw.

Cutting stainless steel with plasma cutting machine

The plasma cutting machine is an advanced cutting tool that can be used to cut any troublesome metal. This device may not be as effective on thinner steel as it is on thicker stainless steel.
The first thing you need to do is prepare the plasma cutting machine. This process involves connecting the plasma cutting machine to an air compressor and turning on the air. The next step is to set the current settings correctly. Thicker metals require higher current on the plasma cutting machine. For example, a piece of stainless steel with specifications between 18 and 20 requires approximately 25 units of current. After setting the current, clamp the edge of the stainless steel.
After everything is ready, you can turn on the machine and pull the torch handle closer to the metal. Press the trigger and draw the line with a marker to cut. Remember to proceed slowly to achieve accuracy.
Step 4: Clean the metal edges
You must understand that almost all of these tools leave some rough edges after finishing the cut. You need to use a metal file to finish the metal along the cutting edge.

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