20th of July ,2021

Bearing steel is widely used in machinery manufacturing, railway transportation, automobile manufacturing, defense industry and other fields, mainly manufacturing rolling bearing roller and ring. In recent years, China's bearing industry demand promotes the rapid development of bearing steel production.

1. Bearing steel production technology and equipment

For nearly 20 years, the bearing steel production technology level of modernization have soared, arc furnace furnace capacity has been expanded from 20 years ago, 10 ~ 20 t to 50 ~ 100 t, eccentric bottom stay steel slag and LF2VD refining process and continuous casting operation, bearing steel oxygen content has been developed from traditional arc furnace smelting under the atmosphere (30 ~ 40) x 10-6 to around 10 x 10-6. Each successive production of special steel plant rolling unit, the application of continuous annealing furnace, roller bottom type of bearing steel purity, rolling the size accuracy, the spheroidizing annealing organization has been at or near the international advanced level of physical.

2. The structure of the bearing steel output and varieties

In 2000 China's production of bearing steel 2000 t, nearly 700000 t steel, bearing steel production in 2001 of 1.08 million t, 93.14 million t steel, can fully meet the needs of domestic bearing manufacturing enterprise, and the state of oversupply, and although bearing steel production in China has expanded several times, but it has little change variety structure. Is a big proportion of high carbon chromium bearing steel bar, wire, plate with a small, smaller pipes. Due to the variety structure of high carbon chromium bearing steel production in China is serious is not reasonable, the utilization rate of the bearing steel in China is quite low compared with the advanced industrial countries, Japan, Sweden, Germany, in the late 1970 s, the utilization rate of high carbon chromium bearing steel has reached more than 60%, and now in China is about 40%.

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