20th of July ,2021
Oil casing is a kind of large diameter pipes, have fixed the role of oil and gas oil casing or hole. Casing is inserted into the hole and fixed with cement, in order to prevent the borehole and separated strata borehole collapse, and ensure the drilling mud circulating flow, so that the drilling.What is the oil pipeline set?

1. N. [drilling]

Large diameter pipe down to the naked eye and agglutination in the appropriate position. The well designer must design the casing to withstand forces, such as collapse, burst and tensile fracture, and chemical corrosive salt water. Most casing joints in each side have a pin, and a female thread length of short sleeve joint used for the individual joint of casing are connected together, or can be made into the joint of casing with male thread at one end, in the end with a female thread, other. Running casing to protect the fresh water formation, isolated lost return area or significant different pressure gradient stratum. Operation of the casing in the wellbore is often referred to as "pipe" operation.

2. N. [well completion]

Steel pipe in the construction process of cementing in place, to stabilize the wellbore. Shell hole of main structure parts and has several important functions: to prevent the wall from the caving to the wellbore formation, separation of different strata, in order to prevent the flow or wrong flow of formation fluid, and provides the means to maintain the formation fluid control and drilling pressure. Casing string with fixed surface pressure control equipment and downhole production equipment, such as drilling blowout preventer (BOP), or the production packer.

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