Galvanized Iron Pipe
  • Galvanized Iron Pipe
GI pipes are low-carbon and zinc protection pipes, and try to use them in various INDUs. Usually, there is a lot of carbon in iron, which is used to make pipes and other harder materials.
Low-carbon steel pipes are used to supply drinking water, namely plumbing, fire fighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). In addition, these pipes are very suitable for use in a variety of industrial and engineering applications.
Features of low carbon steel pipes
• Low-carbon steel pipes or pipes have high tensile strength
• These pipes comply with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) specifications
• Low carbon content
• They are easy to weld
• Easy to manufacture and easy to use
•Compared with other metals, the cost is not high
• The service life is more than 100 years

GI (galvanized iron) pipe is another important type of pipe used in various applications and industries. Galvanizing is the process of applying a layer of zinc to iron or steel to protect them from corrosion or rust. Pure iron is very ductile and contains no carbon. The long life of metallic zinc helps to extend the life of iron or steel. Galvanized iron pipes and steels are used in most structural applications and have a layer of zinc to provide 100% rust protection. According to the specific requirements of customers, these tubes come in various sizes and shapes.

Features of galvanized iron pipe
•Longer service life and durability
• Easier to weld and tightly manufactured
• Anti-rust coating and high finish
• Higher corrosion resistance
• Excellent bending and ease of thread
• Easy to cut
• Comply with international quality standards
Application fields of galvanized iron pipe
•Main water supply
•Wastewater transportation
•Fire Equipment
•Sewage treatment
•Water and gas pipelines
•Chemical transportation
•Air duct
• Compressed air pipeline
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